Financing / Manufactured or Mobile Home (Chattel Loans)

The first and most important step in purchasing a home is the “golden” question. Will you be purchasing your next home through financing or a cash purchase? If Financing, you will need to obtain a Chattel Loan.

Definition of a Chattel loan:

A Chattel Loan is a loan for “movable personal property”. To better explain, most mobile or manufactured homes are in communities where you lease the space your home is sitting on; there is a monthly “space rent” payable to the community. The homes in these types of communities are installed on piers and not on permanent foundations; they are considered moveable and are considered personal property. There are specialized banks available for these “chattel loans”, and TKM Home Sales, Inc. can help guide you to these correct chattel property lenders.
To further clarify the traditional “Real Estates loans” are unable to be used on a Mobile or Manufactured homes in communities that the land the home is on is “leased”, not “owned”. You are unable to use (FHA, Conventional or VA) loans. To be consider a Real Estate property, you need to own the land and the home needs to be on the land permanently installed to the land.

Buying a manufactured or mobile home?

If you are considering buying a manufactured or mobile home in a community on “leased land”, we at TKM Home Sales, Inc. know and work with those specialized lenders and will help connect you with them.
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