Mobile Home vs Manufactured Home

Mobile Homes and manufactured homes share many similarities, but differences between them also exist. Both manufactured and mobile homes are homes that are created and assembled in a factory. After the assembly is almost in a finished state, the homes are transported to a particular destination or location.
The main difference between these two types of homes is their status under federal law. June 15th, 1976, the federal government via the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a new construction standard.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes which existed before June 15, 1976, are not covered by this standard. This means that mobile homes adhere to the old construction standard. Therefore, mobile homes are also called “pre-HUD.”


Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes (Built after June 15, 1976) and adhere to the new building standards according to the Housing and Urban Redevelopment’s new standard. These homes are also regulated by the federal government. In consequence, manufactured homes are also known as “HUD-compliant homes.”
Manufactured homes are an improved version of mobile homes. A manufactured home also has an improved design, construction, strength, durability, transportability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency.

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